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Motorcycle Museum

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is set conveniently in the central Ohio Columbus suburb of Pickerington, just off Interstate 70. The Museum is more than just a wide range of motorcycles on display, its goal is to tell the stories and history of motorcycling. By virtue of its connection with the AMA and that organization's history, the museum honors those who have contributed notably to our sport � be it racers like Dick Mann, designers like Craig Vetter, or publishers like Floyd Clymer.

Visit the Motorcycle Museum

These are some of the more than 200 motorcyclists who are enshrined into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, one of the museum's main galleries. A walk past the long wall honoring them will help you conjure the sights and sounds of these motorcycling's greats.

In addition to the Hall of Fame, the Museum has three major exhibition halls. Museum staff in consultation with collectors, curators and other experts, define exhibition topics. But the motorcycles in the Museum are just the beginning. Riding gear, photos, literature, sculpture, race-track reconstructions, dioramas, posters, awards, quality casework, graphics and more are used to tell the stories of motorcycling, bringing our heritage to life.

The main exhibits are in place for about two years to allow the greatest visitation and enjoyment. The museum also offers smaller special interest exhibits that change more frequently. The museum's website is probably your best source for information about new and upcoming exhibits.

Museum operations are overseen by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Board of Directors. Minutes from the board's meetings are available online.

After you visit, drop us note and let us know what your thought. We are always working hard to expand and improve the programs and facilities and want to meet you needs.

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